• Yard Boss Speaks Out

    Anthony Riccio runs a 104-acre property that is the beating heart of the working waterfront on the Harlem River. It is also a frequent target for critics who say it operates with little concern for – or accountability to – the surrounding community.

  • Industrial Past to Greener Future

    Mott Haven is at a turning point where visions of green space and waterfront access could become a reality at last. But new obstacles raise the question of why this poor, mostly minority neighborhood has once again fallen behind.

  • Who Owns the Waterfront

    Find out who you have to go through to get to the Harlem River waterfront in Mott Haven. Our interactive map tells you who owns every property along the waterfront, what’s going on there now and what the future might hold.

  • Balancing Act Between Jobs and Green Space

    As the recent controversy over FreshDirect shows, transitioning the Mott Haven waterfront from industry to green space is a delicate balancing act for city planners and public officials torn between the need to preserve jobs and community dreams for recreation.

  • Planners’ Dreams and Urban Realities

    The new Mott Haven already exists in the imaginations and on the drawing boards of urban planners. But getting it off the page and onto the streets is another matter altogether.

    (GRAPHIC: The Missing Link – closing a gap in the Bronx greenway)